Who We are


Who we are

The group is run by a committee who are elected annually at the AGM in May

This years committee is :

Chairman:           Sheila Lawrence

Secretary:           Valerie Scriven  (valtom123@btinternet.com or 01305265177)

Treasurer:          Howard Mason

Committee Members:     Peter Gornall, Sue Locke,  Liz Mason,  Irene Robinson, Judie Seymour, Patricia Struben

We now have a constitution:


1)         PREAMBLE –   The purpose of  this Constitution is to define who we are, what        we do, and how we go about running the Group.

2)         NAME – The name of the organisation shall be Weymouth Scottish Country Dancers   hereinafter referred to as the Group.

3)         AIM

a) To encourage active participation in Scottish Country Dancing

b) To form and regulate a class, or classes and to teach all aspects of Scottish Country Dancing to anyone in the community who is interested.

c) To do such lawful things as will further the aims of the Group.

4)         MEMBERSHIP

  1. a)  This shall be open to everyone who, through regular attendance, has his or her name on the class register and pays the evening subscription.  Every member shall be entitled to have a copy of the Constitution should they request one.
  2. b)  To be eligible to vote at General Meetings, members shall have attended at  least one third of the classes in the previous twelve months.
  3. c)  The names of all members and their attendance should be recorded and their addresses, contact numbers and e-mail addresses recorded in  a separate register which will be kept securely by the secretary and is not  available to other members of the Group

5)         COMMITTEE

  1. a)  The administration shall be in the hands of the committee which  shall consist of – Chairperson, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and 6 ordinary members.
  2. b)  The committee shall have the power to co-opt a member or members without voting rights, for a specific purpose.
  3. c)   All the Committee, excluding the Secretary and  Treasurer, shall retain their positions for a maximum of three years   stand down for at least one year before seeking re-election.

The Annual General Meeting of the Group will be held at the beginning of May.

The purpose of this will be

  1. a) To receive reports from the Chairperson, Treasurer and all classes.
  2. b) To elect a Chairperson for the coming year.
  3. c) To elect an Honorary Secretary
  4. d) To elect an Honorary Treasurer
  5. e) To elect six ordinary members of the Committee
  6. f) To elect a suitable Examiner
  7. g) To discuss any business affecting the administration of the club

An extraordinary general meeting of the Group can be called by

  1. The Chairperson
  2.  In the absence of the Chairperson, the Hon. Secretary
  3.  On the written request of six members

Notice of an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be given no less than 14 days prior to the meeting and the notice shall include notice of the business to be discussed.

At an Extraordinary General Meeting only the business on the notice calling the meeting shall be determined at the meeting.

  2. a) The financial year shall be from 1st April – 31st March, to allow one month for the accounts to be finalised and independently examined, prior to the A.G.M. (to be held at the beginning of May)
  3. b) The Group shall have a bank account and have three signatories the Treasurer, Chairperson and Secretary.  All cheques drawn on the group bank account shall be signed by two of these three.
  4. c) If at any time the club is dissolved any assets shall be disposed of  in a  way decided by members of the Group at the time of dissolution

Proposals for an amendment to the constitution must be sent in writing to the  Honorary Secretary before 31st March and the proposal printed in full and displayed on the Group’s notice board  for four weeks prior to the A.G.M.


Please contact Sue Locke at wscd1314@gmail.com if you wish to comment or add to our Website