Highland Ball

Saturday 21st March 2020

TAMBOURINE REEL 8 x 32R                                   Lawrie Bowlen East Ivanhoe Bk

THE LAST OF THE LAIRDS 8 x 32J                         RSCDS Book 22

MIDSUMMER COMMON 8 x 32S                             RSCDS Book 49

MOFFAT WEAVERS 4 x 32 SQ                                  Whiteadder Collection

TRIP TO TIMBER RIDGE 8 x 32R                             RSCDS Book 52

JEAN MARTIN OF ABERDEEN 3 x 32S RSCDS       3 Dances for 2006

SWISS LASSIE 8 x 32R                                                RSCDS Book 39

THE SALTIRE STRATHSPEY 4 x 32S                         RSCDS Book 45

THE SCALLYWAG 8 x 40 J                                          RSCDS Book 52

BILL CLEMENT MBE 8 x 32J                                     RSCDS Book 47

BUTTERSCOTCH AND HONEY 4 x 32S                   Jean Attwood,Alexander Leaflet

ORPINGTON CALEDONIANS 8 x 32R                      RSCDS Book 49

FAREWELL TO BALFOUR ROAD 96J 5C                  RSCDS Book 52

MAY YARKER’S STRATHSPEY 8 x 32S                     RSCDS Book 42

SPRING FLING REEL 8 x 40R                                    RSCDS Book 50

TRIBUTE TO THE BORDERS 8 x 32J                         RSCDS Leaflet 31

CITY OF BELFAST 3 x 32S                                          Belfast Diamond Jubilee

REEL OF THE ROYAL SCOTS 8 x 32R                       RSCDS Leaflet



The Lass of Richmond Hill 8 x 32R              RSCDS 2nd Graded Book
Catch the Wind 8 x 32H                                 RSCDS Book 45
Mathilde is a Delight 3 x 32S                         RSCDS Book 50
Gaelforce Wind 8 x 32J                                  Derek Haynes, Carnforth Collection 3
Nottingham Lace Sq   96 R                            Jenny Bradley, Nottingham Lace
Sands of Morar 8 x 32S                                  RSCDS 45
City Lights 8 x 32J                                            RSCDS Book 52
Autumn in Appin 4 x 32S                               RSCDS Book 31
Castle of Mey 8 x 32R                                      RSCDS Diamond Jubilee


Quarries Jig 8 x 32J                                          RSCDS Book 36
Triple Happiness 3 x 32S                                RSCDS Book 52
Johnnie’s Welcome Hame 8 x 40R               RSCDS Book 32
Farewell to Balfour Road 5C Jig 96              RSCDS Book 52
Brunette d’Ecosse 8 x 32S                              Reel Friends 2
Champagne Reel 8 x 32R                               D Hunter, Oxford Silver Jubilee
Muirland Willie 8 x 32J                                  RSCDS Book 21
Minister on the Loch 3 x 32S                        RSCDS Four Dances 2008
Montgomeries Rant 8 x 32R                          RSCDS Book 10

The Highland Ball in 2018 was held on 17th March

at Herrison Hall, Charlton Down, Dorchester DT2 9RJ


Weymouth Scottish Country Dancers celebrated their 56th annual Ball at Herrison Hall last Saturday 17th March with 100 people in attendance. The wonderful music was provided by the Band Craigellachie, who travelled from London for the event amid fears of  imminent snow. People came from the New Forest, Bournemouth, Cheltenham, West Camel, Bridport, Charminster, Exeter & Weymouth dance groups for the popular yearly dance in the beautiful rooms of the wonderful Herrison Hall.